Sculpting & Painting Surfboards

 We are passionate craftsmen & artisans and pride ourselves in our process. We sculpt boards with the same passion & joy that we surf . The rhythm of surfing and the rhythm of shaping are equally mesmerizing and healing.


This amazing stencil was made by Jeanette Wolfe, we worked in tandem, I airbrushed as Jeanette came up with color combinations. In the process of airbrushing I had some over spray & thought it was a goof-up, Jeanette with her creative brilliance turned it into waves, fantastic job !!

All Dragon Crest XE boards are handcrafted in our workshop in New Jersey. The majority of our boards are built custom, to fit the needs of each surfer.

We believe that our outer environment is a reflection of our inner environment and the board we craft is an extension of who the surfer that rides it is.  We love what we do and have fun doing it, allow us to create that for you.




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