The Heart of Dragon Crest XE

Dragon Crest XE is the culmination of all the creative passions in my life in this moment.

I have found that the more I pay attention to how I feel vs what I think, my life rhythm is natural & smooth. I create Sound Crafting Music, Shape Surfboards, Tabla Hammers & fill in the spaces in between airbrushing  boards & hammers, making custom one of a kind creations.

I  have always been a creative person & a musician in my heart, the  ocean and music is a place for me to rejuvenate.  In finding the flow of my life, looking at it now, the connection between Surfing, Shaping  Surfboards, Sound Crafting Music, playing Tabla and shaping the tuning Hammers, I am stepping into the flow of it all with great awareness of their connection to the world within me. Flynn ~


One response to “The Heart of Dragon Crest XE

  1. flynn264b

    May 22, 2014 at 3:24 pm

    Thank you for all your help & support 🙂


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